Today's Used Info McCallum Fish, Mitsven DH & CI Carbon Joe***

Gypsy Fish
5'6" * 21&1/8" * 2&1/2"
Gloss & polish, abstract color top & bottom, color hot coat deck, 
red resin inline, glass leash loop, glass on glass red twin keel fin. 

ridden only one or two times.
3 super slight footmark and one super miner dimple on the bottom
still looks almost new
more than 50,000yen cheaper than retail price
(Tax included)

DH Twin Keel Fish
7'0" * 21&1/2" * 2&3/4"
Wertsand & gloss, cedar wedge stringer, olive green opaque deck, wrapping rails,
clear bottom, glass leash loop, glass on wood twin keel fin.

ridden not so many times,
  slight footmarks,
very good condition
good price
(Tax included)

Al Merrick
Average Joe
Surf tech &Tonbi's Gore & Carbon Technology

tough & light, but flexible,
slight footmarks,
five fin set included
(Tax included)